High School Pre-College Programs | Myth vs. Fact

This past week, one of my clients asked me about summer programs.

She’d heard that she should apply to an astonishingly pricey program at her dream school. That doing so might give her a “leg up” in admissions process. Was this a good idea?

I heard the insecurity in her question and it reminded me, once again, about troubling aspects of our college admissions culture.

Her questions might be yours, too.   

You wonder (when you see glossy brochures for expensive pre-summer college program) if a program is the winning advantage you need for a chance to get into your dream college.  

Because maybe attending the on-campus summer program might show that "you're really passionate about the school."

I beg you to stop worrying. Don’t give into the college admissions madness around you.

There are other “roads less travelled” to your desired college destination.

Watch this video to learn more about the myth of pre-college programs.

If you need help figuring out other excellent summer alternatives, download my free guide: How to Land an Inspiring H.S. Summer Internship

Are there any other pre-college program myths I may have missed? Let me know in the comments.

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