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These happy students, and many more, got into their top-three schools. You can too!

They also received generous grants and scholarships of over $300,000 + half and full-tuition awards.

"There is no doubt in my mind that Liz was an instrumental force behind my college acceptances.

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Under her guidance I crafted pieces worthy of college acceptances.

Liz understood the reader's expectations and she was honest about what worked and what didn't.  

I looked forward to meetings with her because she has such a positive attitude that I always felt a sense of hope when writing my essays.

This hope fueled my courage to apply to colleges I never thought I had a chance at, only to discover later that I had been accepted to these dream colleges!"  

-- Jenny W., U Penn

Jenny was concerned that her intended major, Biology, put her at a disadvantage because it is a highly impacted major at most universities (meaning: it's a popular major for prospective and current students).

How could she stand out from the crowd?

I worked with Jenny to find fresh perspectives in describing her love for science, and to mine other areas of her life that she initially too for granted (such as a rockstar "Maplestory" following on Youtube.)

Jenny was accepted into U PENN (Penn Grant), Rice (Rice Grant), USC (Presidential Scholarship), UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Davis (Regents Scholarship), and Occidental.

She chose U Penn.

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"Honestly, working with Liz on my college application essays was amazing. She definitely played a great role in creating and refining my essays.

Liz was like a magical mirror.

I bounced ideas off of her, but instead of getting the same ideas thrown back at me, she gave insightful feedback and inspired interesting ideas. 

She was not afraid to tell me what she honestly thought about my work. She knows how to be serious and playful, not only her writing philosophy, but also in her demeanor.

What I loved the most about Liz’s assistance was her sharp attention to the smallest details in my writing; these nuances made my essays flow smoothly and create powerful closure.

Ultimately, I felt that Liz genuinely cared about helping me. My success was her success.

That's why I returned for more of her guidance when I applied to graduate school."

--Jason Y., B.Sc., M. Sc., Stanford University.


Jason was accepted into Stanford (Stanford Fund Scholarship), Vassar College (Vassar full-tuition scholarship), UC Berkeley, UCLA (Scholarship Recognition Award), UC Davis (UG Scholarship), University Of North Carolina -- Chapel Hill, University Of Southern California, UC San Diego, and UC Irvine.

He chose Stanford. Twice.

First for his undergraduate studies in Biomedical Engineering, and now for his Masters in Biomedical Informatics.

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"In my high school career, I spent countless hours researching the right college for my pursuits, and worrying about my chances of getting in. The whole process seemed impossible to me; I was overwhelmed and I didn't think I would produce a strong enough application to be admitted to any of my top choices.

All of that changed the moment I started working with Liz. Her optimistic and determined attitude truly changed my outlook on the whole process - I knew that I wasn't alone, that someone was there to help me. I felt motivated to do my best, and the application process was easier with each step she took me through. For the first time, I was excited about the process and eagerly worked on my personal statement with her, producing an essay I truly felt represented me.

The reason her help was so effective is because Liz took the time to get to know me. She understood my personality and character, and helped me capture them on paper. She helped me accurately show who I am and stand out among the huge crowd of students applying. She had so much wisdom to offer, helping me pick colleges that would fit me best. I honestly felt like Liz cared about my future and believed in my abilities.


Now a student at UCLA, I am thankful for Liz every day. I truly don't think I could've made it this far if it weren't for her. Anytime I have friends going through the application process, I tell them about my experience with Liz. I wish that every student could have the same experience I had, because I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with her. Everyone deserves the best...and the best is Liz. She is accomplished, qualified and insightful. These qualities, paired with her positive attitude, work ethic and genuine care for her students makes her the optimal choice!"

Adrineh lived internationally for many years so she had multiple transcripts and often found herself in a gridlock of requirements for each country and school districts.

How could she attend dream college given these complications?

We worked together to flip the seeming disadvantage of a checkered academic history into a powerful narrative about her adventures.

Adrineh was accepted into Seton Hall, Chapman, Rutgers, Champlain, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, and UC San Diego.

She chose UCLA.

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"When I first began writing my essays for private and alternative high schools, I was overwhelmed. I had no clue where to begin. With Liz’s help, I learned how to explore the topics, focusing on the most important aspects to make sure they were addressed.

Liz taught me how to use vivid details in my essay, and the end of the process, not only did I feel confident about my essay, I also acquired new writing techniques that I now use in my writing assignments.

Liz was very patient throughout the whole process. She demonstrated —  rather than just tell me —  why some styles worked better than others. I believe this is one of the many reasons why my writing process went smoothly. I improved my writing skills and gained a better understanding of what worked best in certain types of essays.

I’ve always wanted to travel the world, and Liz is one of the main reasons I got into the school of my dreams."

As a self-proclaimed "explorer, traveler, and archiver," Ayesha has studied in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Greece, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Bosnia, Italy, Peru, Morocco, France, Spain, and Sweden. She documents are adventures on her blog, Ayesha Kazim.

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"In working with Liz, I have learned that great results are achieved through persistence, planning, and enthusiasm.

I had all these dreams but no real plan nor motivation to make them happen. But wishful thinking only does so much. It was only when I began putting in the hours (and teaching myself to care less about messing up along the way) that I saw progress.

It's amazing how the growth mentality Liz helped foster in me continues to lend itself to everything I do.

I was always wowed by her flexibility and willingness to accommodate my needs.

I've gone through a slew of tutors who tried to apply a very general formula for success for me, without stopping to consider who I am and how that might help me learn better and faster.

Knowing that Liz was genuinely engaged in and excited for all the things happening in my life was a great feeling.

I tell people that if they are tired of being spoon-fed generic instructions on how to get into college, and want to be acknowledged as an honest, yet outstandingly unique applicant--then they need to give Liz a call!

It's so easy to get lost in school or the college admissions process when everybody seems to think their advice is best.  

Working with Liz let me find my own path in a fairly rigid school system."

-- Cheryl Chan, author-illustrator, University Of Southern California.

I worked twice with Cheryl. First as a Standout Student, then through the College Essay Excellence program.

Cheryl is a remarkable storyteller; in fact, we often joke that school gets in the way of her work. Within minutes of our first meeting, it was clear that though bright and academically accomplished, Cheryl did not fit the conventional school model.

So, we worked to find stimulating outlets for her to express her points-of-view outside of the traditional school system.

My role in working with Cheryl was that of a strategy coach, providing perspectives and paths for her vision to bloom.

Her first children's book, The Thing About Things, which she also illustrated, is now available on Amazon. She shares more of her work on her blog, Hyscherical.

Cheryl recently co-created one of the exhibits at the RotoPasadena, a community animation project produced by City of Pasadena Cultural Affairs and Side Street Projects. 

She was accepted into UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, USC, NYU, Scripps, Occidental, and Bard.

She Chose USC.

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"Liz was more than a mentor to me -- working with her was an incredible experience. 

As a child of immigrant parents, applying to college was one of the most confusing and frustrating things I’ve ever had to do. Liz illuminated the process, giving me all the tools I needed to get into an amazing university. 

Every week had a purpose, and I flourished because of this

Her vibrant attitude and work ethic are infectious. She motivated me when I needed it the most, helping me rise to the occasion.

Liz didn't just teach me how to showcase all of my talents and achievements, she taught me that it was completely acceptable to show who I really am on paper, how to do that, and that getting into a college is really about finding a place where you can grow.

Our time together was more than about getting into an Ivy League university -- it was about understanding where I wanted to be.

Liz's enthusiasm created such a comfortable work environment that I was able to find the courage to express myself in ways I'd never thought of.

And I think it's the honesty in the essays Liz taught me how to create that the University Of Pennsylvania really appreciated.

Had it not been for Liz, I would not have found my home away from home."

-- Rachel T., University Of Pennsylvania.

As a first-generation American and an only-child, Rachel had all the familial support she needed to initiate the college application process; but eventually, she and her parents were stumped by the intricacies of the system.

I worked with Rachel and her parents to clarify confusing admissions requirements and what is expected of her in order to achieve her dream goals.

Rachel got into U Penn (Vagelos Scholar), U Chicago, USC (Deans Scholarship), UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego, UC Irvine.

She chose U Penn.

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"Going into the college application process was hugely unnerving, but Liz helped me organize the bouncing ideas in my mind and turn them into concise, individualistic essays that I was proud of.

Because of her help, I became a more lighthearted, precise writer.

She empowered me with her energy, and as we worked closely, I grasped a greater understanding of myself and what I wanted for my future. In turn, I wrote pieces that, I believe, spoke honestly of me.

Her sincerity shines in every word of encouragement and correction she provides.

Her brilliance, experience, creativity, flexibility, and mentoring skills cannot be matched. Most importantly, she genuinely cares about her students. And that was what truly set her apart as my ideal mentor."

-- Cynthia M., UCLA

Cynthia attended a very competitive high school; yet, her grades and extracurriculars, though excellent, were still too similar to the other superstars at her school.

I worked with Cynthia to paint a picture of herself from a different angle, instead of reiterating her records.

Through her essays, we honed in on her qualities as a sensitive, privately ambitious, down-to-earth young adult who is feels a deep connection to her family and community.

She chose UCLA.

"Liz's encouraging attitude was the most helpful thing about working with her.  She genuinely wanted me to do well, and I really tried to improve my essays because you had so much faith in me.  

Also, the mock interviews were really helpful!  Many of the questions you asked were also brought up in the interviews. The mock interviews really gave me the confidence I lacked before the exercise."

-- Judy C. UC Berkeley

"Liz was so good at helping me find humor in the details." 

-- Iris W., Cornell University

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