In my 40+ years as a principal, teacher, and coach, I have never encountered another educator as talented as Liz.
— Jerry Howland (former high school principal and Boston Teacher Of The Year)
100% of past Ink Well Coach students enrolled in their top 3 schools, including Ivy Leagues.
— Liz F. Bradley

...You are a hard worker, but you need guidance to steer you through the admissions process

...You are not sure what colleges are looking for in an admissions essay 

...You are uncertain about what makes you stand out from other college candidates

...You want to surprise yourself with how good your essay could be

...You want that wonderful feeling of being admitted to the schools of your choice


Hi, I'm Liz F. Bradley.

Little Liz

One thing that my students have in common is that they are ambitious.

I was an ambitious student, too.

My Journey

High School.  

Ranked 3rd in my class, highest GPA, voted most-likely-to-succeed, yada yada yada...

I felt pretty confident that I would dominate my undergraduate years at the University of Rochester...but I was in for a rude awakening. 


Liz_highschool portrait.jpg


Next to my prep-school-since-pre-k classmates, I was woefully underprepared. I never understood how they seemed to ace tests with minimal-to-no study, or why organic chemistry seemed so intuitive to many of them! 

Honestly, it was painful to witness two contradictory images of myself: top student in high school and shell shocked student in college.


Happy Ending.

But the story ends happily. I taught myself effective study strategies and dramatically improved my grades, and more importantly, my learning experience.

I became a successful teaching assistant for several classes and had a blast helping other students.

This experience changed my life.

It led me to graduate school at Harvard.


First, for a Masters degree in English Education.

Then, for an MFA in Acting. 


It's your turn.

I'd love nothing more than to help you create your success in high school and at your dream college.

I look forward to helping you, oh ambitious one, thrive in high school and in your fancy days on your fancy campus. 

You'll look so good doing your thing.

Why am I so certain you can get there?

For almost a decade, I have guided students straight to their top choice schools, using strategies which have helped place 100% of my students in one of their top 3 college choices. Including Ivy Leagues.


I'm here to help YOU excel at school while on an optimal path to college...en route, of course, to making your mark on the world.

I love teaching.

I've taught for over a decade and find teaching to be, hands down, one of the most deeply fulfilling pursuits of my life.

Along with acting and writing, two other life-long loves of mine. 

I thoroughly enjoy using my signature strengths (teaching, acting, writing) to create fun, dynamic sessions for your you, no matter how challenging the content.


How do YOU want to serve the world?

  • Do you want to write a novel?
  • Run a company?
  • Some other brilliant idea?

Or if you're writing your college essays, how would you like to write 3 or 4 amazing essays for multiple schools, instead of 8 mediocre ones?

And, you get to enjoy the process.

(Believe me: it's possible.)

I am excited about your journey.