Here's the unpleasant truth:

With the yearly increase of competitive applicants, your top choice college may now reject more than 90% of its applicants -- including valedictorians and National Merit Scholars. Sure, strong GPAs, test scores, and activities matter -- but even rejected applicants had those.

What they DIDN'T have is an unforgettable essay. One admissions can't ignore.


But there's GOOD news:

I can teach you how to write one of those essays.  

And you don't have to loose your sanity in the process.

The College Essay Excellence program can move your college application from the "Meh" pile to the "Heck Yeah" pile. 

You and I can dramatically increase your chances.



I can show you how to stand out -- using the ONE THING no other applicant can compete with:

Your essence shared in a powerful essay.

Let's use my admissions expertise to take the anxiety out of the process and make every application fee count.


The College Essay Excellence program gives you the individualized attention and action plan you need for one of the most important moments of your life.


But, What About My Guidance Counselor?

You absolutely should keep working with your guidance counselor.

But the reality is that many of them are too busy to tend to all aspects of your application.

 Specifically with your essays.

With the increasing number of students in their caseloads, most counselors don't have time to comb through the fine details of your application or essays with you. 

I'm here to bring ease and strategic guidance to the writing your college essays, so that you and your counselor can work effectively on other parts of the college admissions process.

The Most Common Essay Concerns I Hear

My life is so average...
Some of these prompts are cheesy!
How do I write 650 words about THAT?

Trust me. I get it.

I've been in your shoes and made it through rigorous admissions -- thrice.

First it was for my undergrad at the University of Rochester.

Then for graduate school at Harvard:

Once for a masters in English Education.

And again at Harvard for an MFA in Acting.

I know how stressful writing those essays can be: I dreaded it.

Yet, I successfully got into both schools.

And — most importantly for you — I learned how to write successful essays — quickly.

Here's how we'll WOW the admissions officers.


1-hour Skype* sessions throughout the app season

I'll guide you through the main Common App personal statement and supplemental essays.

Apply to up to 10 private schools, plus the University of California system.

  • We'll identify your singular essence

Your family and friends are right: You ARE incomparable. We'll explore your distinction, making it the foundation of your essays, so you can stand out from the crowd.

  • We'll generate engaging ideas for your essays...

...Ideas you'll be inspired to write about (really!) Ideas that will inspire the admissions committee. I often like to say, "how you feel about something, is how you'll talk about it."

My goal is to help you connect to your core feelings and insights about the experience, so your reader takes a visceral journey with you.

  • We'll send you off to write with proven techniques

FREE Mock Interview

I can play a wide array of "interview personalities" (thanks to the acting bug). This is a fun and important part of our work together.

This session (two, really) prepares you to answer the often dreaded "so tell me about yourself" question in a way that adds even more depth to your application.



Application Review

Before you hit "submit," we'll carefully comb through your application to catch errors and strengthen your activities list.

Remember, this is another opportunity to paint a dynamic picture of who you are, so we'll take full advantage of that.



Secret Routes

I will show you how to use the optional essays to stand out (only if applicable).



Unlimited Email Access*

Yes. Ask away.

*for the duration of the program.


What Happy Students have to say...

You were good at helping me find humor in the details.
— Iris C., Cornell University
Stanford and Chicago had the toughest essays. It was so helpful to work out ideas with you.
— Jason W., Stanford University

Does The Skype thing really work?

You bet.

I’ve worked with students both in-person and over Skype and we almost always end up working primarily over Skype. Sharing a screen can feel like "sharing a mind," without distraction from our surroundings.

We can think on the page together, and access examples and references quickly.

AND, we still get the personalized experience with the video cam. Yay, technology!

Wondering if working with me is for you?

I can help if you:

...You are a hard worker, but you need guidance to steer you through the admissions process

...You are not sure what colleges are looking for in an admissions essay 

...You are uncertain about what makes you stand out from other college candidates

...You want to surprise yourself with how good your essay could be

...You want that wonderful feeling of being admitted to the schools of your choice


No. I won't write your essay for you.

But I'll guide you through it with inside knowledge and strategies that will boost your confidence.

I believe in thorough process.

I'm confident that this is one of the main reasons my students have stellar admissions results. 

This is why I only work with a handful of students per application season.

You are ready.

You've worked too hard over the past 3.5 years to now breeze through a pivotal moment in your life. 

You deserve the time it takes to get into your dream college and ultimately, to carve the life you imagine for yourself.

I'd love nothing more than to guide you along.

Cheers to your success.