Some of the benefits when you work with Ink Well. 


I will show you how to stand out — using the ONE THING no other applicant can compete with: Your essence shared in a powerful essay. Use my admissions expertise to take the anxiety out of the process and make every application fee count.


Skype Sessions

I guide you through the main Common App personal statement and supplemental essays. Apply to up to 10 private schools, plus the University of California system. We'll generate engaging ideas for your essays. My goal is to help you connect to your core feelings and insights about the experience so your reader takes a visceral journey with you.

I will send you off to write with proven techniques. 


Mock Interviews

These sessions (two, really) prepare you to answer the often dreaded "so tell me about yourself" question in a way that adds even more depth to your application.



Application Review

Before you hit "submit," we'll carefully comb through your application to catch errors and strengthen your activities list.

Remember, this is another opportunity to paint a dynamic picture of who you are, so we'll take full advantage of that.


Secret Routes

I will show you how to use the optional essays to stand out (only if applicable).


Unlimited Email Access

I am here to answer any questions you may for the duration of the program. Just ask away!